introduction to pt.mbt utama

PT.Mektan Babakan Tujuh Utama is a company that was established 2 August 1974 in Cimahi West Java which was before called PD. Babakan Tujuh Utama.

PD. Babakan Tujuh Utama was established in 3 X 5 meter car garage and eqquiped with two lathe machine and other general tools.

 PD. Babakan Tujuh started its business by repairing material testing equipment for soil, concrete, and asphalt. Six year later, PD. Babakan Tujuh workshop had been moved to a factory located in Jalan Raya Cimareme No.340 A Padalarang, West Java.

With financial support by State Bank (Bank Pembangunan Indonesia) Bandung, in 1980 until now, Babakan Tujuh is now located in 7.000 square meter land and employed approximately 200 people.

Marketing office of PT.Mektan Babakan Tujuh (MBT) Utama in Jakarta is located at Jalan Musi No.40D, Jakarta 10150 in 4 storey. Building (500 square meter) which is employed approximately 50 employees including board of Directors.

Field of business PT.MBT UTAMA is: Manufacturing laboratory Equipment for testing Soil, Concrete, Aggregate and Asphalt. 

PT.MBT UTAMA also has line of business such as:

  1. Trading
  2. Agent and Distributor
  3. Export Import
  4. Laboratory Service
  5. Calibration Service
  6. Civil Contractor
  7. Engineering Consultant
  8. Manufacturing of Agronomic Equipment
  9. Production of Organic Liquid Fertilizer

With over 23 years experience in the business PT.MBT UTAMA has been recognized by all of Consultant, Contractor, Universities and other users of the above product and services in Indonesian and some other countries.